Viewpoint and Walk

Caniçal is a great place to enjoy a day, with great places to eat, things to do and of course the Viewpoints it has to offer. We recommend visiting a Quinta do Lorde, the Prainha Beach and Caniçal’s town near the sea.

Ponta de Sāo Lourenço is certainly one of the many unique locations of Madeira. It is located in Caniçal, the east edge of the island.

We recommend the walk that you can find there. With each step you can see beautiful views of the volcanic rocky land, reefs and the sea. Above, you can see the location of the viewpoint, the starting point of the walk and where it will lead to.

To complete the walk be prepared for a 3 hour journey. There is parking space and a van that sells water bottles and snacks near the beginning of the hike. You will need at least half a day to enjoy the walk and its breathtaking views.

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